Reviews and Awards




Voyage of Hope – Two original pieces nominated for Best Original Instrumental Song of 2016 by the Independent Music Awards.

Fields and Fences nominated for Best Instrumental Album of the Year (2011) by the Independent Music Association.

“Best Songs of 2006” Award from the Independent Acoustic Project for title track from Bring Down the Storm.





“Thank you so much for taking the time to come down to the El Morro area to share your wonderful music with us! Yours was one to the most entertaining concerts we’ve ever had, and many who attended think it was the best. We feel honored to have you as a guest performer. I hope we can arrange to have you back sometime.” -Paula Tripodi and the El Morro Area Arts Council

“Jerry Barlow is not only highly admired for his musical talent, but his rapport with his audience (both young & old) is overwhelming...We are certain to invite him back every season to the Cañon Rose Acoustic Society for a concert.” -The Cañon Rose Acoustic Society Board

“One of the most enjoyable concerts we've presented in the past five years. Our audience alternated between rapt silence during the guitar pieces and practically rolling-in- the-aisles laughter at Jerry's stories in between. We heartily recommend Jerry.” -Bill Hudson, Whistle Pig Concert Series

“Jerry Barlow’s adaptations of Celtic and mountain music are haunting and peaceful, stirring and thought-provoking. His performance can brighten even the depths of winter. He is a consummate artist whose wit, humor and interaction with the audience made our fund-raiser a huge success.” -Sue Lathop, Library Director, John Tomay Memorial Library

“The wit, as well as the music, was delightful and unique. Thank you all.” -Dorothy Connors, President, Gilpin County Arts Association

“He has a wonderful tone and a great range in his music that is emotionally deep without calling attention to itself.” John Tweedy, Landlocked Films

“Jerry Barlow is one of Colorado's A-list musicians.” The Swallow Hill Quarterly

“Barlow captured the audience with his talent and original interpretations of Celtic melodies on fingerstyle guitar. His interaction, sense of humor, and lively stories left the audience with spirits lifted.” -Lisa and Dennis Phillips, Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts

“The Jerry Barlow concert fundraiser in November was a huge success… His entertaining and humorous interaction with the crowd were a big hit and would have stolen the show if it wasn’t already his!” -The Tomay Tattler, Georgetown, Colorado

“We so enjoyed Jerry. We had people attend that have never come to the library before. I will definitely put Jerry on a list of programs to have again.” Linda Rea, Library Director, Hastings Public Library “Thank you for blessing us with a concert by Jerry. We had a wonderful afternoon--everybody loved him (of course!). Let us know when Jerry wants to come this way again--the red carpet is out!” -Veronika Barnes, Deming Arts Council

“It was a fine evening indeed. Jerry was funny, engaging and such a wonderful talent. I would highly recommend Jerry’s show.” -Vickie Willis, Culture and Enrichment Supervisor, Buck Center, Centennial, CO

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